Extranet Web Systems

With the Web Boutiques Extranet system, your business can reach out to every corner of the world. Sharing your network securely with different parties, such as travelling employees, suppliers, partners and customers, there are no limits to when and how you can conduct your business.

why build your system with web boutiques?

We create... 

...a uniquely designed website that perfectly reflects what you do. All content can then be managed by yourself.

Your Extranet system...

...allows you to store whatever you need for your company or for external parties: multiple files, marketing material, video...

Your web system...

...can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Or, for increased security, it can be locked down to specific IP addresses which allows only certain buildings to access the system.

Fantastic features include: 

  • Mandatory Bulletins - these are bulletins that the customer will have to read and accept if, for example, they are trying to log on to a certain area of your website.
  • Login by Group - allows you to have different levels of access for different users or set up different home pages for different groups.
  • My account - allowing users to update their own details.
  • Customised home pages and welcome messages - allowing you to give a personalised focus

And finally... 

...the Web Boutiques web system is a living product under continual development. What this means for you is free upgrades all year round, keeping your business ahead of the game... 


Prices start from £2995 for an Extranet Web Solution.

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Full Bespoke system built on top of our Web Boutiques core to cater for hundred thousand plus membership: 

  • Rewards catalogue
  • Donations & votes system
  • Incentive Earns system including quiz modules
  • Facebook login & wall integration
  • Connection to recycling booths nationwide

"Greenredeem has worked with Web Boutiques over a number of years as our digital solutions provider. On many occasions, we have tasked Web Boutiques with tackling difficult, complex and multi layered projects. Over time, we have found that Web Boutiques have become a real partner to Greenredeem, understanding our business, developing solutions and building a platform for the next few years."

Original BTC

Bespoke ecommerce web system with tens of thousands of products & product variations, 2 languages, 4 sites and integration into third party cart, stock and shipping software.

"Web Boutiques offers a fantastic service which is extremely easy to manage and update. Owning four websites by Web Boutiques, one for each of my businesses, says it all!"

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