Extras can be supplied with every Webboutiques solution

  • Sub administrators, You can define additional administrators with different levels of permissions for your content management system. Great for teams, companies and when you need to grant limited 3rd party  access to your content management system.
  • Dropbox support. You can stream files via your website using tags from Dropbox.
  • Mandatory bulletins. Allows you as the website owner to force essential announcements upon logged in users, (which have to be read and acknowledged) before the users can proceed. The bulletins can be crafted using a responsive the drag and drop editor.
  • Gonative APP support. Support for this in Webboutiques is extensive. You can turn your website directly into an APP. In a nutshell a Webboutiques website wrapped in the gonative app shell can recognise that it is running in gonative and behave differently. This is very powerful.
  • Custom goal tracking can be switched on so you can use your own goal tracking packages.
  • Auto ip detection. This very powerful feature allows you to detect the country someone is visiting you from and modify the sites behaviour or switch automatically to an appropriate language clone site.
  • A MyAccount area. Here your users can update their own details. Benefit from custom logged in content. For ecommerce websites you can add a MyInvoices tab and a MyPurchases tab.
  • Video image sliders. Parallax scrollers. Video underlays . Sticky bar support. Ad serving support
  • Google Products. Your ecommerce website catalogue(s) can be enabled for Google Products.

You can ask us to build custom additions to any Webboutiques solution. Building these upgrades on a solid standard core reduces cost. Increases speed of development and facilitates the production of robust solutions. Extras usually carry a modest fee. Custom upgrades are discussed and quoted upon.