Helping your website grow

Growing your website

Keep your website content fresh! 

Humans and Search engines love fresh web site content. 

Humans are more likely to return if you are giving them new content to interest them. 

Search engines constantly seek out and index new content.

How can I do this?

Social media feed

One of the easiest ways to keep the content changing on your home page is to use a social media feed. This means you are not doing extra work on your website. If you are posting relevant content to your industry in social media then this will benefit your website.


Blog and news systems are a great way to generate fresh content. Unlike your main website pages where the messages will not change frequently, a blog post or news post is about something specific and easily written. Keep your posts relevant to your websites mission statement.

Expand your website

Add new areas to your website that will help visitors with useful information like FAQ's / Resources / Knowledge Centre.

Keep it Fresh with new content